This is how Kipchoge prepares his challenge to lose two hours in a marathon

A few months ago we were talking about this fall’s big date for athletes, and especially for runners: Kipchoge will try again to lose two hours in marathon in his new challenge. We already have date and place for the challenge: it will be, predictably and if the weather conditions allow it, next October 12 in Vienna.

Knowing the challenge, we only have to know how Kipchoge is preparing to overcome this challenge: now we can do it through the documentary INEOS 1:59 Challenge, available in two parts on YouTube.

The first part of the 15-minute documentary shows us the first months of Kipchoge’s preparation for this challenge, from his farm in Eldoret (Kenya), where he lives with his wife Grace, their three children and surrounded by animals.

Kipchoge tells us in the first person how are those first months of training in which they are building the base on which they will work: three days a week of training in the gym, three or four days of career and two days of other exercises varied. He tells us how each training session in the gym is about two and a half hours long that they dedicate to strength training, aerobics and stretching and flexibility exercises.

Equally important is the work with his physiotherapist, with whom he has been collaborating for 15 years and has become more than a co-worker, and the support of his family.

The second part of the documentary, also 15 minutes long, focuses both on his training with the team and how it is for others to share life and training with the athlete who currently has the marathon world record (he got it in Berlin in 2018, with a mark of 02:01:39).

Surprising to see how he who is possibly the best athlete of our time trains in very simple facilities and how he shares every moment of his day with the whole team.

Both his coach Patrick, who has been with him for 18 years and his team are absolutely convinced that Kipchoge will get off the two hours in marathon. They even dare to estimate their brand, which they believe will be between 01:58 and 01:59.

The phrase that resonates in Kipchoge’s mind and that has taught everyone who accompanies him and has become the motive for this challenge is No human is limited. We hope that next October 12 I can get that record and beat a brand that is, for now, impossible.

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