Running in running training: at what rate do I have to go?

If we go too slow, the effect of training on our body may be nil; and if we go at an excessive pace we may be causing overtraining.

We can attend to two ways to know what pace to go: running speed or heart rate.

  • If we attend to heart rate and are well trained, we can set an interval between 110-140 beats per minute when we shoot.
    If our fitness is normal we will see each other between 140-160 beats per minute, since our heart is not so developed and needs to contract more times. If our heart rate monitor has the option of pulsation intervals, it is interesting to activate it when we go to shoot to let us know if we pass or not.
  • We can also attend to the speed of the race, especially if we have well-measured our competition time and training. As before, if we are well trained we can shoot between 45 seconds and one minute slower than the running pace. For those who have a normal state, filming will take place between a minute and a minute and a half over the competition time. That is, if I run 5 minutes per kilometer in the race, I must move between 6 and 6 and a half minutes per kilometer during the shooting.

Normally the shootings usually last between thirty minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the specialty to which we want to compete or prepare. If the shoot is too intense, too much fatigue will accumulate at the end of the shoot and that aerobic work that predominates in the shootings will not be achieved, even the chances of injury are increased.

And if we are not interested in the competition and simply go out for fun, then the right rhythm is the one with which we feel most comfortable, without worrying about pulsations or career pace.

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