Running: how many days a week do I have to train to improve my brands?

One of the questions, when we start wanting to beat brands, is how many days a week you have to train. Although initially training one or days a week is better than nothing, a minimum of three days a week is a right thing to start beating brands.

Training a day or two a week can serve to keep us, but leaving five days a week without training is too much to overcome since what we advance in a training will be lost by excess rest in others. The body needs a continuous stimulation in time and if we choose three days of training or more a week it is something that is going to make us improve, yes, distributing those three days correctly in the week.

If we train three days a week, we can choose the following days to train: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and thus leave the weekend to rest, being able to get the strongest training day on Friday and thus we have two days of rest.

If we train four days a week, we can distribute them as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, leaving for Sunday a day of smooth shooting so as not to accumulate much fatigue for Monday.

The idea is not to stop stimulating our muscles, heart, and lungs so that they gradually adapt to training and improve. If we are starting to train with three days a week it is enough, but if we see that we have stalled and we already have a base in the race we can train four or five days, alternating intense days with quieter days and getting rest days (better if it is active rest ) in between.

The only way to keep improving is to go more and more, both in training volume and intensity and depending on the test we prepare. What is clear is that always doing the same only serves to stagnate.

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