Five exotic fruits: benefits, recipes and tricks to peel them easily

However, all of them have numerous benefits and original recipe options that make it worth the effort. Thanks to these tricks to peeling them will still be more pleasant.


Thanks to it being one of the sweetest fruits we found, it can help us reduce our desire to eat added sugars and quench our cravings. In addition, it has antioxidant benefits, a large presence of carotenes, vitamin A and potassium.

To open it simply and without printing ourselves we just need to know the orientation of the bone – our partners from Direct to the Palate explain how to – cut on both sides parallel to the bone, and then make longitudinal and transverse cuts in the handle as we would do with an avocado and take out the meat. Ready!


Coconut provides us with healthy oils, in addition to presenting certain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In addition, it is very easy to digest fruit that, in addition, has been linked to increased metabolic activation and obesity prevention. Of course, opening it is a struggle.

The most common is to open the coconut by hitting with a hammer or a knife, but they do not always open well. A good trick is to freeze the coconut and then yes, hit it until it opens. It will be much simpler.


Another complicated fruit to open without programs, but delicious and healthy thanks to its rich properties in potassium, vitamin A, carotenes, calcium and magnesium and low in calories. To peel papaya well, the first thing we need is to be very ripe. Then just remember that it is not an apple or an orange and cut it in half and then each half in longitudinal strips after removing the seeds. When we have those strips, we can peel them one by one.


Pineapple is one of the best known and used tropical fruits. Not only does it provide us with large amounts of water, but it improves our digestion of meat and makes it easier for us to assimilate proteins. Of course, we can forget its supposed fat-burning effect because it is only a myth.

To open the pineapple we can make some of the useful cutters for this or cut with a knife the leaves and the bottom of it, peel the sides from top to bottom, and then simply cut into slices and empty the inside.


Pomegranate is a curious fruit in itself and in the way of eating it. It gives us minerals, vitamins, and tannins. In addition, it reduces certain inflammatory processes and may be helpful in reducing obesity levels. Knowing how to open it is something else: the first thing is to make a square-shaped cut that surrounds the crown of the grenade. It is removed and four cuts are made that start from the corners of the square. We open and stay simple segments of eating or emptying.

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