Carrying babies in the sling or baby carrier? Tips for choosing the right product for you

In many countries of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America, babywearing is widespread while in Italy, after the advent of industrialization and subsequently of consumerism, baby carriages have arrived, a central element in the “culture of separation”. So, choose the best baby carrier for preemies.

Today, however, there is a rediscovery of the native, carnal and genuine bond between mother and child. The idea of ​​contact and union is finally returning to the fore, starting with the practice of wearing the baby.

But if once babywearing was made of do-it-yourself stoles, uncomfortable and unsafe, today there are products to carry the baby comfortably and safely. Among the many on the market, the most popular is the elastic band and the ergonomic baby carrier.

The elastic band is a long elastic cotton band that allows us to carry our puppies in different positions from birth. It is very comfortable for both the baby and the parent who carries it, as it distributes the weight, supports and wraps.

The ergonomic baby carrier , on the other hand, is a bag fastened on the parent’s body into which the baby is slipped. Compared to classic baby carriers, the ergonomic one respects the physiology of the newborn and the parent, allowing both to maintain a correct position.

Which one to choose to bring our baby? Many moms and dads on the web seek advice and opinions. The elastic band is very comfortable, as is the baby carrier, but one can be more useful than the other based on a few factors. Let’s see together which ones!

1. Age

As soon as they are born, the elastic band can be the most suitable product because it completely envelops the baby in the mother’s womb, giving him the opportunity to feel the warmth and protection he needs. The passage from the uterus to the world is a real trauma for the newborn, who finds himself thrown into a totally unknown environment, full of confusion. The sling, therefore, can become a safe haven in which the little one feels protected, immersed in his mother’s body.
The sling is also recommended for premature babies, who need all the heat possible to get through the first few months of life.

As they age, the little ones become more active, they want to move and feel part of this new world into which they have been catapulted. The ergonomic baby carrier then becomes a more comfortable product because it allows the baby to move his arms, legs, and head freely.

2. The weight

Weight is not just an index, but a data to be given importance when you are about to buy baby slings or baby carriers.

The elastic band allows you to carry children from birth up to about 9 kg, while the baby carrier can even carry 20-22 kg.
Being made of cotton, the elastic band can yield and support the baby less with increasing weight. If you use it very often, you may need to buy more than one over the time you use it, because of the soft fabric that makes it soft.

The baby carrier, on the other hand, is less likely to give way and is well structured it supports even older children well, always guaranteeing ideal ergonomics. Once, however, that the little one has become heavier (from about 15 kg), it is recommended to switch to so-called ” toddler ” baby carriers as they have a higher back and more space to carry children up to 5/6 years.

3. The practicality

There are mothers always in a hurry, with a thousand things to do, between work, children, and various commitments, who do not have time to stop even for a second. For them, the baby carrier is the perfect product: two hooks and off you go, the baby is ready to be carried around the world! Very easy to wear, already structured, the baby carrier is certainly the most practical means for parents. With it, you can take your child both in front, for a ride in the city, and behind when you need to have more possibilities of movement. Some models also allow the baby to be carried on the side, similar to the position in which we carry them when they are in our arms.

The band, at first glance, can be a complicated product to use. Initially, you have to learn how to wear it and tie it as best as possible, as it has no pre-made knits, laces, or straps, but is a simple elastic band, which must be wrapped and knotted every time. But after a few days of use, however, the technique will refine itself and everything will be much easier. In any case, those moms always in a hurry may find it impractical.

But for the more relaxed mothers, the elastic band will become a real ally because the little one will feel safe, very comfortable, and will be able to sleep peacefully and blissfully on their lap.

4. The climate and the seasons

Still unable to speak, babies cannot tell mum and dad if they are hot or cold. In winter, when it is very cold, you are always afraid of not having your children dressed enough and in summer, when the heat is scorching, children sweat and can incur irritation or sunburn.

The climate can also influence the choice of purchase between sling and baby carrier.
The elastic band, in fact, is very suitable in winter, because it protects the baby from the air, wrapping it completely and leaving only a passage open for the head, which can still be slipped inside keeping it warm. Furthermore, maternal warmth will help maintain a warm and welcoming temperature within the belt.

The baby carrier, on the other hand, is great when it’s hot because the baby has arms, hands, and head free to take the air. With light clothes, you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day by breathing properly and having the ability to move. There are also models of marsupial particularly suitable for the warmer seasons or for the most demanding exits, such as this one.

5. The character

It is probably the most determining factor when choosing between a baby carrier and an elastic band.

Each baby is made in his own way, has his own personality that he releases in contact with others, first with mum and dad. This is why it is very important not to choose without having taken into consideration the newly arrived child: he does not speak, but he makes himself understood very well!

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