Anxiety health disorder: when we are very afraid of being sick

Health is a matter of concern for many people without a doubt, but when we have an excessive fear of being sick we can suffer from an increasingly common health anxiety disorder during these times.

Anxiety health disorder: excessive worry about the real risk

According to a report presented by BMJ magazine recently, health anxiety disorder is relatively common and occurs in 20% of the population.

It is characterized by an excessive concern for health in relation to the real risk and that is how it deserves medical attention because it causes suffering and wears and tear in the person who presents it.

Somatic symptom disorder and disease anxiety disorder replaced the term hypochondriasis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), which is why this condition requires medical attention, who far from trying to reassure The person should look for ways to address their concern.

Those who suffer from a health anxiety disorder use more resources from health services than those who do not have this condition and the existence of excessive worry or fear of being sick does not underestimate the possibility of having a diagnosed disease, but rather pathology and disorder of Health anxiety can coexist.

In this case, as in other cases of anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy is essential from the hand of a professional and address each of the symptoms that generate concern for the patient as well as address their fear that is often reduced when medical tests and others that allow to rule out diseases are performed.

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